Our package prices are all inclusive(pick up from airport or hotel, food and drinks, hotel, fuel, bike rental, riding gear, guide, helmet cameras, and a fully equipped support vehicle(depending on the route). We can do tours from one day to 3-4 weeks. The options are limitless with our custom/private tours.

Base Tour-with this type of tour, our English speaking guide will take you on a great adventure. All expenses will be covered, but the tour will keep the budget in mind. We use safe hotels and hostels where we can store the motorcycles and equipment. However, this is more of an adventure as we usually ride until we are tired and then find a place for the night. Costs are quite a bit less with this type of tour as it is much less structured, but rest assured, the riding is still as good as it gets. With these types of tours, our price is $350-$500/day, depending on the type of terrain and location of the ride.

First Class tour-Our highest class tour includes the best amenities available. 3-5 star hotel, great food, support truck, and anything else you might need on your tour. Our price for this type of tour starts at $800/per day. You won’t need to spend another penny while on our tour, unless you need a souvenir!

Daily rides

These types of rides can vary on the price as the terrain can vary. With more difficult terrain, the price for a daily tour is $350-500. However, if you are looking for a joy ride on a high quality dirt bike with a lot of power, our less technical rides start at $300 per day.

We have a lot of lead way in putting together custom packages for whatever you would like to ride and see while here in Peru. If there is a certain type of trail, a certain number of days, a specific area you would like to explore, just let us know and we will put together a custom package for you. There are few limits to what we can do.

NEW!!!  Learn How to Ride – We can teach you the basics of riding a dirtbike in just a few hours. We have a Honda CRF 230 in our fleet, which is a great bike to learn to ride. After you are comfortable in the saddle, we can take you on a beginner route where you can enjoy the view of the surroundings of Cusco Peru. One-Day Lesson all inclusive is $225 US.