• Scott McDonald This is the luckiest man in Peru, I mean this is Scott McDonald. Why am I so lucky? I’ll tell you. I was sitting at the “Meeting place” eating yet another fantastic waffle. I over heard a man talking about what I could of guessed are his two most favorite things out side his family, FOOD and MOTOR CYCLES! Being a motor head myself I couldn’t help but eaves drop. After Scott finished describing his last moto adventure, i made sure to get his attention to talk to him about motos…. typical dude talk. Needless to say i left the meeting place regretting not bringing my bike to Peru with me.

    A day later I found out that I was not allowed to hike the “inka trail” with the group i came to Peru with. I was sad, but curious at the same time. With all of this free time that i now had from the group, I went to Scott and asked CAN WE DO A MOTO TOUR FOR TWO DAYS? Scott’s response: LET’S DO IT!

    Just like that we were off, planning, scheduling, and mentally preparing for one of the greatest adventures ever! Scott made sure to ask if i had any prior experience, what kinda bike I rode, and how extreme I wanted to get on this tour. I knew I was in good hands.

    The Prep: We suited up into some pretty rad gear, and had breakfast where i had another fantastic waffle prepared by Scott’s daughter. After breakfast, I saw the two bikes that we would be riding. To quote a Peruvian construction worker that we ran into on one of the trails “those are really good moto’s.”

    The Riding: Initially Scott wanted to see how i would handle some different types of trail, so he could better gauge where we would later go. Needless to say my real skills pertain to the street when it comes to motorcycles, but Scott was always right there giving great advice on how to maneuver the bike through o lets say the double switch back on a 40 degree slope. We went everywhere from Cuzco to no name villages. We even went to Lares to bathe in the hot springs……perfect after a long day on the bikes. The final day i wanted to ride a lot of simple flowing dirt roads and paved roads. I loved that a lot!

    The End: Scott dropped me off at my hotel, at which we both went through every picture and movie that was shot with the Gopro camera’s that Scott provided at the beginning. He copied everything over to my computer, so i can brag to all my friends (and have proof) when i get back to the U.S.

    Scott: Scott is a passionate man that loves everything that he does. The support, excitement and patience will always be remembered. O yeah and the two days of shredding though the Andes Mountains was life altering. The trip was so great that I now am about to get a dirt bike…… Ya hear that Scott! i’m going to get a bike, get really good at trail riding, and come back up to Peru so we can ride again.

    Thank you Scott for Everything,