Our business model is quite simple. We have a crazy passion for dirt bikes. We also have a crazy passion to serve. We combine these two passions to support specific needs in the surrounding areas of Cusco and the places where we ride. Our business model provides for 100% of our profits to be directed to The Altivas Canas Children’s Project on the edge of Cusco. With our model, any type of business will suffice, but we love motorcycles and adventure. 

We start our businesses with donated capital. This helps us begin the business without any debt. From our first tour, we are profitable. The business model allows for the normal flow of business to provide the cash flow from that point on.

We have committed 100% of the profits from the first year to help build a facility for the Altivas Canas Project. Years 2-5 will be designated to develop an endowment fund that will provide sufficient income for the life of the project and beyond. True sustainability is the key.