The Altivas Canas Children’s Project is a grass roots mission that reaches out to children in the poverty stricken area of Altivas Canas. It was started 11 years ago by a single mother of three children. She could not afford to feed her kids, nor could she leave them alone to work. Quintina felt called to do something about it. She went throughout her poor neighborhood in search of other single mothers that were in the same situation. She found a handful of them. She then invited the children of the other mothers to come to her home in order to help raise the kids in a healthy home environment. The other mothers were then able to go out and work, which began to provide some support for Quintina’s work. Thus, the grass roots of the mission.

The mission is currently reaching 25-30 kids daily in the afternoon program and another 10 younger kids during a morning program. At the end of the day, the kids have their homework done, have been fed a nutritious meal, and have had some social interaction and physical activity.They return home each evening where they can spend quality time with their mothers who have been working hard all day.

The limitation with the current project is space. Quintina has a dream of reaching more children, but without more space, her humble home has just not been enough space. She has recently purchased the neighboring property and has begun construction of a facility. She is well vested in the project and is committed to long term success of the project. MotoMission has partnered with Quintina and the Altivas Canas Children’s Project to positively impact the lives of these amazing children.